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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Problems Arise

The problem with boating is that for the most part once you buy your boat, you're own your own. And if you're like a lot of people, you didn't buy your boat from a dealer, you bought it second hand, or third or fourth etc. Its just you and your boat. Sure there used to be a guarantee on the boat until the adhesive came off underwater. The problem that plagues most kayakers is post-purchase issues, questions and even comments. When you buy a car and have a question you go to the dealer, when you buy a kayak at a garage sale you go to the internet. Most major kayak companies are aware of the number of times a boat is resold, and can adapt their website to help each person during the transitions. The internet enables companies to put links up for every type of question, you can get your own Owners Manual, learn ways to clean the individual boats, how to transport it and find out exactly what the warranty is on the boat. And because there is no limit to shelf space on the internet, they don't have information on just the current boats, but years of discontinued boats (that are the ones at garage sales.) All of this helps the customer after their purchase, and restores faith in some companies that have been lost recently, due to the "you bought it, now its your problem" attitude.

for an example of this customer service click here


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