Mk 361 - Whitewater Kayaking Industry

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Many people don't know that whitewater kayaking exists. Or, if people do know it exists, they have no idea what that means. This blog will be aimed to introduce whitewater kayaking to the class, and hopefully educate peers about a very gnarley activity that goes on behind most of the sports spotlight. So to begin whitewater kayaking is done in a small rudimentary kayak. Not many frills in the boat, just a sturdy design and metal grab loops in case something goes wrong. The boats themselves are small in size, ranging from 6ft to 8 ft on average to allow for maneuvering. The necessary equipment is a boat, paddle, personal flotation device, helmet, spray skirt, booties, some sort of swimwear and a river knife. There are different types of boats as well, for the different types of rivers. there are river runners, an all around boat, playboats for freestyle, and creekers for running the gnar.

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Blogger Nedwall said...

Great post! I was introduced to whitewater kayaking on a raft trip on the Rogue River in Oregon. One of the guides on the trip used to bow stalls, grinds (falling down the wave sideways) and barrel rolls when we docked for the night just beyond the jetties of our camp grounds. I never got into whitewater kayaking, but I've always had an appreciation for it. I look forward to reading more about it.

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