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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kayaking's E-Networks

The Internet plays a major role in kayaking networks. The internet allows paddlers to group together in meeting places to talk about past experiences or new rivers that people have found. These sites such as Northeast Paddlers Message Board (NPMB) not only gives paddlers room to express their attitudes about different boats, and trips, but also is a site for E-Commerce where different users can list their boats or equipment for sale, or post what they would like to buy. leaves room for resources and reviews as well as allowing suers to post pictures and videos. Although these sites are primarily social sites, they also play a role in paddler safety. River conditions change hourly, and if something dangerous appears on a river, paddlers will post an urgent notice advising others of the change.

Another key role these sites play are advertising space. Major whitewater companies place banner ads on the top, sides, and bottom of nearly every page throughout the site. Amazon also places ads for whitewater books and calendars under the title "NPMB Recommendations."

To take a look at these sites click below:
Northeast Paddler's Message Board
Boater Talk


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Here are a few more kayaker's forums (Whitewater Forum List). Blogs could also become places for discussion if more kayakers posted comments (Whitewater Blog List).

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