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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kayaking Kontent

The Internet also helps play a pivotal role in kayaking instruction. Or rather, self-instruction. With more people on the internet, having more connection points to the internet, and the internet being faster than ever, it allows kayakers to post content they never could have before. Part of this is kayak instruction. Rather than looking through a magazine and still frame photos of how to do the different paddle strokes or boof techniques, paddlers can now make online videos and share them for free with anyone who has an internet connection. Although these instructional videos have been available for purchase on VHS or DVD, posting instruction on the internet offers more. For instance it can keep up with change, if I bought a VHS instructional video a few years ago, I wouldn't be able to watch it now because I don't have a VHS player. The internet also has no production limit, DVDs have only a few hours of content on them, the internet will never stop.


Blogger John Navarro said...

The only instuctional movies I know of are on the site. Can you recomed others?

4:44 AM


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